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Gil Ofarim - "Find yourself, until nothing is missing"

Singer Gil Ofarim often shares cryptic lines on his Instagram account. These lines are especially moving.
One can certainly not accuse Gil Ofarim (37) of inaction. On the contrary, Munich has been omnipresent in recent years, as a band musician, actor and contributor to countless TV shows. Remember only his victory in Let's Dance in 2017. But one thing has long been missing: his musical feedback as a solo artist. But soon it will be so far! Gil has repeatedly posted on Instagram in the past few weeks, albeit often cryptic clues to the upcoming album. So also currently - but here's it now concrete.
One thing you already knew before: On his new album Gil will exclusively recite German texts. He has also done so with his band Eight, but this is a novelty for the solo artist Ofarim. The album will be called "Alles auf Hoffnung" and should be released in early 2020. And apparently it will be really personal here. For Ofarim prevailed in recent years, not only vain sunshine. On 4 May 2018 his father Abi died († 80). Also, the marriage with his wife Verena (32) went to pieces.
In the current post it says: "Find yourself ... if nothing counts anymore ... Find yourself ... until nothing is missing ... So far ... as your future goes ... To the end of your sadness .. . "Below is the hashtag # daslängstelied, probably the title of the song from which these lines are taken. Superficiality sounds different and the fans respond enthusiastically to the melancholy lyricism. "True words" and "great lines", it is said or also: "An insight into the soul! A profound reflection, which animates to thinking and gets under your skin ..." Lines that go one close. So you can really be curious.

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