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Pharrell Williams - Why he regrets his biggest hit


In 2013 Pharrell Williams released the song "Blurred Lines" together with Robin Thicke. Now he has distanced himself in an interview.
With song lines like "I know you want it," Pharrell Williams (46) and Robin Thicke (42) caused a controversy in 2013: Their song "Blurred Lines" was at the top of the charts, but it also drew a lot of criticism on yourself. Many listeners found the lyrics of the song disrespectful to women and told them to downplay rape. In an interview with the magazine "GQ" Pharrell Williams has now distanced himself from his own song.
Late insight
At first he did not understand where the problem was. "Women seemed to like the song and run on the energy," he explained. He also did not understand where the connection between the line "I know you want it" and sexual assault. "It never sounded like a rape to me."
It was only with hindsight that he became aware that the same language is often used by men who abuse women. "We live in a chauvinistic society, I did not realize that the song was playing into these men's hands."
In Germany, the song held for 55 weeks in the charts and even reached the top. In 2018, the song even earned them Diamond status for over a million records sold. "Blurred Lines" is one of the best-selling singles of all time in Germany.

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